The first collated nail
made of wood


Your motivation is to meet modern demands
with traditional materials?
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wooden nails

The revolutionary LIGNOLOC® wooden nails are made from indigenous beech wood and boast a tensile strength similar to aluminium nails.


Their mechanical properties allow the nails to be driven into solid structural timber with the FASCO® LIGNOLOC® pneumatic nailer, without any pre-drilling, to form an inseparable bond with the timber.

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Technical approval for LIGNOLOC® wooden nails

The collated wooden nail convinced the expert committee in the test and received german national technical approval

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One system, many advantages

Quick processing –
no pre-drilling

LIGNOLOC® wooden nails are shot in pneumatically. This completely eliminates the need for any additional pre-drilling, such as wooden dowels, which in turn saves you time and money.

Less tool wear

LIGNOLOC® wooden nails conserve tools and saw blades when post-processing wooden components in prefabricated buildings.

Better appearance thanks to material uniformity

LIGNOLOC® wooden nails do not cause any unattractive wood discolouration or leave any traces of corrosion, such as those left by steel nails.

No thermal bridges –
better insulation values

LIGNOLOC® wooden nails do not act as thermal bridges. This results in better insulation values and improved structural properties.

Versatile application

The LIGNOLOC® system from BECK opens up countless application options for you – whether it be
indoors, outdoors or in areas susceptible to corrosion.

applications for environmentally friendly wood processing

High retention thanks to lignin welding

The special design of the LIGNOLOC® nail tip and the large amount of heat generated by friction when the nail is driven in cause the lignin of the wooden nail to weld with the surrounding wood to form a substance-to-substance bond.

The phenomenon of lignin welding was established in 1998 and has since been verifi ed by BECK in collaboration with scientists at Hamburg University by means of UV-scanning of the cell structure (see illustration).

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