The LignoLoc® system from BECK opens up countless application options for you – whether it be
indoors, outdoors or in areas susceptible to corrosion.

LignoLoc® changes woodworking sustainably. Inspired by enthusiastic users, the research and development team of the BECK Fastener Group is tirelessly researching possible applications:

- Interior timber cladding
- Timber façades
- Wooden fences
- Wooden furniture
- Sauna building
- Floors: OSB- und real wood flooring
- Working with reclaimed wood
- Boat building
- Wooden coffins
- and many more

Working with reclaimed wood

LignoLoc® wooden nails processed in reclaimed wood blend
harmoniously into the wood structure and do not need to be
concealed after installation. This time benefit makes wood
recycling even more attractive.

Interior timber cladding

For aesthetic reasons, interior panelling made of wood is
mostly fastened invisibly. With LignoLoc® wooden nails, this
can now be mounted visibly as well.

Wooden furniture

Wood is alive – LignoLoc® lives along with it. LignoLoc® wooden nails are ideal for use in wooden furniture production, lending its character a finishing touch, both indoors and outdoors.