The Sujet of the Direct Mailing Campaign - a Letterpress image a the annual rings of a tree including a real LIGNOLOC® wooden nail.

BECK campaign in Austria - test the LIGNOLOC® wooden nail system for free

Hundreds of timber construction companies across Austria are receiving a personal invitation. They can take part in the current LIGNOLOC® test campaign to check the advantages of the LIGNOLOC® wooden nail system for themselves.

Following the positive response that the campaign triggered in Germany in spring, BECK now wants to enable all carpenters in Austria to test the ecological fasteners free of charge and without obligation.

Solid wood table made with LIGNOLOC® wooden nails from BECK. For the booth of (a project of the Hyperlocal Workshop) at the Architecture Biennale 2021 in Venice/Italy.

LIGNOLOC® in and at the Architecture Biennale 2021 in Venice

A solid wooden table is the eye-catcher at the booth of at the Architecture Biennale 2021 in Venice/Italy. BECK is the main sponsor of, a project of the Hyperlocal Workshop, also representing LIGNOLOC®, the collated wooden nail system. The table made with LIGNOLOC® is showcased at the Biennale until November 21, 2021.

LIGNOLOC® wooden nails offer the possibility of building ecologically high quality wooden elements. The environmentally friendly fasteners are ideal for the production of multi-layer mass timber panels and replace aluminium nails and wooden dowels.

Solid wood table in LCLT = LIGNOLOC® Cross Laminated Timber

The table for the Biennale exhibition was built in the so-called LCLT = LIGNOLOC® Cross Laminated Timber construction method (metal and glue-free cross-laminated timber elements). The table-top and base are made of European spruce wood. The LIGNOLOC® wooden nails used in this case have a diameter of 4.7 mm and a length of 65 mm. With the manual LIGNOLOC® F60 pneumatic nailer from FASCO®, two nails were shot in at each intersection.

Shortened production time for nailed mass timber elements - using LIGNOLOC®

There are currently several projects in progress in which CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is manufactured with LIGNOLOC® wooden nails in addition to gluing. In the production process that has been customary up to now with adhesive alone, the necessary use of a press and the duration of the adhesive drying result in a waiting time of around one hour. By using LIGNOLOC® wooden nails, production time can be shortened. This means advantages for the industry in terms of time savings and environment-friendliness.

What is new in this innovative process is that each new layer of timber is connected to the layer below with LIGNOLOC® wooden nails. The nail connection should apply and hold the contact pressure necessary for the adhesive to cure. This measure means that the wall does not have to remain in a waiting position, but can continue to follow the production process. The combination of glue and nail should later be able to absorb the necessary shear forces.

Metal-free and easier to recycle

LIGNOLOC® wooden nails can be processed with manual tools and offer smaller companies the opportunity to manufacture their own metal-and-adhesive-free timber elements, which represents a higher added value. Materials nailed with LIGNOLOC® are also easier to recycle at the end of their life cycle. Free of steel, they can be shredded in a way that is gentle on the tools and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. It is precisely this fact that also plays a major role in the project.

Passive house concept, a climate refugee housing and mobile food pavilion designed by Hyperlocal Workshop (Colorado), addresses the projected massive migration in coming decades by global climate change. It is a carbon-neutral and net positive for onsite energy design proposal meeting at the intersection of climate change and shifting populations.

Designed as a mixed use, urban midrise building in the heart of Los Angeles, the seven-story tower’s structural and insulation system acts as a carbon sequestering instrument, via timber, straw, and organic waste materials. Using BECK LIGNOLOC® wooden nails, the three-story building’s base uses a novel Cross Diagonal Laminated Timber podium with floor panels made from Nail Laminated Timber. This eliminates the use of glue and significantly reduces the amount of steel to improve the structure’s capacity for reuse. All information about at:

Image of Christian Beck, General Manager & CEO of the company BECK in Mauerkrichen, Austria - Quotation in white letters on black background in German: "Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam die Zukunft im Holzbau gestalten!" - #bauzulassunglignoloc - image: ©BECK

LIGNOLOC® technical approval in detail

“What is worth waiting for” … with these words, General Manager Christian Beck opens the video on the LIGNOLOC® technical approval. Smiling. He knows what he's talking about. Years passed before the wooden nail received approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt - Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

Watch the 4 minute interview-video on YouTube (German with English subtitles) or in our video section or read the following article:

The conscientiousness, both on the part of DIBt and on the part of BECK, has paid off. After all the evidence and reports requested by the DIBt experts, one can definitely say that LIGNOLOC® is one of the most extensively tested and researched fasteners with technical approval of all time.

“It is of course also our own goal to provide this evidence so that building owners and developers have the security that this is a completely suitable and safe fastening system for static applications.” - Christian Beck, General Manager & CEO

The head of the company and the responsible colleagues from Research & Development and Quality Assurance explain the process up to the technical approval in four phases:

Phase one - test plan

As soon as a product is in a stage that you want to mass-produce it but need a technical permit for it, you turn to an accredited institute - an institute that is officially allowed to test for the DIBt. A test plan is drawn up together with this institute.

Phase two - submission

The test concept and an application for approval are submitted to the DIBt. The experts check the test plan and add ideas and questions with new challenges for new tests. The test plan gets modified and resubmitted. This cycle can take place several times until a final work plan is in place. This test plan can be with DIBt for one to two years until it is approved and can be processed.

Phase three - loads of tests

The testing starts and data is generated. Since the LIGNOLOC® is not a standardized fastener, there are no standards or regulations. A complete test scenario had to be developed, including bending tests, tensile tests, endurance tests, etc. In total, more than 1000 tests were carried out over a period of three years.

Phase four - deliberation of experts

The data is returned to the DIBt, where the experts advise on the results. Over such a long period of time with such an innovative product, of course, new questions can arise. Or the results delivered lead to ideas for further tests. Overall it is a long process.

Ultimately, all evidence could be provided to the fullest satisfaction.

Finally - technical approval for LIGNOLOC®

LIGNOLOC has received the technical permit for the dimensioning and execution of load-bearing timber connections. Therefore also the numbers you need to use LIGNOLOC in load-bearing components, in timber construction. Now structural engineers can use the values from the approval to calculate the load-bearing capacity of the wall. The nail can now be used in frame construction, from prefabricated house manufacturers to small carpenters. Officially and with legitimation.

Direct Mailing - free test campaign LIGNOLOC

BECK promotion – free test campaign of the LIGNOLOC® wooden nail system

Hundreds of timber construction companies across Germany are currently receiving a personal invitation. They can take part in the current LIGNOLOC® test campaign and experience the advantages of the LIGNOLOC® wooden nail system for themselves.

As a “Holzbau Deutschland Leistungspartner” (Timber Construction Germany service partner), BECK wants to enable all carpenters to test the ecological fasteners without obligation and free of charge. Therefore:

Even those who do not receive mail from BECK can take part in the campaign and register on the new landing page:

„Let's shape the future of timber construction together! With BECK as your partner and LIGNOLOC® as the officially approved, efficient and ecologically sustainable connection technology. We are looking forward to it.“

Christian Beck, General Manager & CEO, BECK

Christian Beck, General Manager & CEO, BECK, with LIGNOLOC®-Systems


Since November 2020, BECK – one of the leading manufacturers in the field of fastening technology – is a new performance partner of Wood Works Germany. Together, as partners at eye level, we want to create new solutions, help shaping modern timber construction and further strengthen its importance. It is also very important to foster the next generation of carpenters.

„We are convinced of timber construction. Cooperative partnership within the industry, with customers and business partners as well as research institutions and training centers influence our relationships. As a pioneer and innovative problem solver in the field of fastening technology, we have always seen ourselves as a partner to the timber construction industry. Together for and with this industry, creating innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions is what drives us. As Wood Works Germany performance partner, we look forward to bringing our wealth of experience into the carpentry, nurturing young carpenters and working with the other partners to help developing the wood construction in Germany in a future-oriented manner.“

Christian Beck, General Manager & CEO, BECK

Full press kit with images:


It was an important step and a definite reason to celebrate for our innovation team. On August 28, 2020, the German Institute for Construction Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik – DIBt) issued the “National technical approval / general construction technique permit” for “Load-bearing timber connections using LignoLoc® wooden nails”. After extensive tests and complex calculation models, all expectations of the expert committee were met.

“The technical approval makes our vision of sustainable building with sustainable fastening systems even more tangible and it is the official confirmation that this is not just a crazy abstract idea, but a completely well thought-out and marketable concept. For us it represents the first major step out of the niche towards the mass market",
says Christian Beck, General Manager & CEO, BECK.

The approval enables the planning, design and execution of load-bearing connections in timber frame construction. Planks and panels made of solid timber, wood-based materials or gypsum fiber can be attached to wood building materials using LIGNOLOC® wooden nails. In addition, connections can be made with LIGNOLOC® to produce bracing and load-bearing wall diaphragms.

Full press kit with images:

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Christian Beck and Stefan Siemers accepted the German Design Award 2020 for LIGNOLOC

German Design Award 2020 – Ceremony in Frankfurt

Christian Beck and Stefan Siemers received the award for LIGNOLOC®

Already at the end of November 2019 the winners of the German Design Award 2020 were published and it was certain: LIGNOLOC® - the first collated nail made of wood - was named WINNER in the category "Excellent Product Design - Workshop and Tools ”.

At the beginning of February 2020 the time had finally come. Christian Beck, CEO & General Manager of BECK, and Stefan Siemers, Director of Research & Development, accepted the award during the award ceremony on Friday, February 7, in Frankfurt.

"What an honor and great recognition for our hard work and for our vision to make fastening greener, cleaner and better. Kudos to the entire team and all who have supported so far."

Christian Beck

 (Photo: German Design Council - Team Lutz Sternstein)

LIGNOLOC® - the first collated nail made of wood - has been awarded the German Design Award 2020

Little nail, big success - LIGNOLOC® wins the German Design Award 2020

Our collated wooden nail has made it again. The German Design Council announced the winners of the German Design Award on November 22, 2019. LIGNOLOC® – the first collated wood nail – was selected as "Winner" in the category „Excellent Product Design – Workshop and Tools“.

Stefan Siemers, Director Research & Development at BECK, is delighted with the recent recognition: "It is overwhelming to see how a product that usually plays the leading role unnoticed, becomes the focus of attention and is honored with such a high-ranking prize."

Statement of the jury

Especially the sustainable approach of the innovative wooden nail was convincing. The statement of the jury:

LIGNOLOC® is the first magazine-loaded nail made of wood. It is shot into the wood material without pre-drilling by a pneumatic nailer and thus replaces traditional steel nails. A real innovation that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and allows for an even more purist use of wood – without any metal, glue or similar.


Premium prize for LIGNOLOC®

The German Design Awards are the international premier prize awarded by the German Design Council to discover, present, and honour unique trends in design. Every year, high-calibre entries in the fields of product and communication design are honoured, each of which blazes new trails in the international design landscape. The German Design Awards, launched in 2012, are among the most prestigious design competitions worldwide. They are presented by the German Design Council, one of the world’s leading centres of expertise in communication and knowledge transfer in the area of design.

German Design Award 2020 – ceremony

The German Design Award 2020 joins a number of prestigious awards that LIGNOLOC® has received so far. Including materialPREIS2018, Green Product Award 2018, Innovation Award Architecture + Construction 2019 and Best Product Award 2019 - Houses of the Year. The official award ceremony will take place on February 7, 2020 as part of Ambiente 2020 in Frankfurt am Main.

Stefan Siemers, Director Research and Development at BECK, received the award for LIGNOLOC® from Dr. Ing. Marcella Prior-Callwey (Photo: Callwey Verlag)

LIGNOLOC® receives “Product of the Year” Award

For the ninth time, Callwey Verlag, together with the Deutsches Architekturmuseum and renowned partners, voted the "Houses of the Year ". For the first time, the "Products of the Year" were also awarded. LIGNOLOC wood nails were awarded in the category "fittings".

For the first time, Callwey Verlag invited manufacturers of construction products to submit their innovation as "Product of the Year 2019". Out of 50 submissions, 19 winners were selected in 14 categories. In the "fittings" category, the LIGNOLOC® wood nails from BECK and the color coating "Kosmos Schwarz" from Karcher were awarded.

Stefan Siemers, Director Research and Development at BECK, received the award for LIGNOLOC® from Dr. Ing. Marcella Prior-Callwey (Photo: Callwey Verlag) on September 25, 2019 in Frankfurt.

Hehnpohl architektur won the first prize in the "Houses of the Year", worth 10,000 euros, for the object "Respekt" - an original brick building with a modern and exciting interior.

Further information at


BECK: New brand design for renowned Austrian fastening company

BECK has changed. From the first collated staple, to the invention of SCRAIL®, the nail and screw combination fastener, or LIGNOLOC®, the first collated nail made of wood – the company from Austria is now more courageous, forward-thinking, visionary, technological and innovative than ever. From now on, this will also be visible to the public through a new umbrella brand and brand design.

“Our business has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years. Against the backdrop of digitization and the dynamics of continuously changing markets and customer expectations, we recognized that our company needed to modernize its brand strategy in order to remain up to date”, announces Christian Beck, General Manager and CEO of BECK, the launch of the new Corporate Brand Identity on September 16th, 2019.

Umbrella brand name is changed

The umbrella brand name is changed from BECK Fastener Group to BECK.

Modern logo and visual design system

The most visible change is the new logo and visual design system that reflects a modern look and offers a visually consistent and integrative umbrella for all product brands. The logo displays a bold B that stands for BECK and BEYOND. The B arises out of a staple, pointing out to the heritage of the brand as well as to their broad offering way beyond staples.

Brand promise becomes new brand claim

“Beyond Fastening” is the new brand claim, highlighting the company‘s capability to always create solutions beyond the usual. To strengthen and reinforce the company’s messaging, BECK added the claim as a tagline to its logo.

Please find the press-release here.


18.000 LignoLoc Wooden Nail in the BUGA Wooden-Pavilion

On April 17, 2019, the German National Garden Show BUGA 2019 opened the doors in Heilbronn. The bionic research pavilions of the University of Stuttgart were the highlight of the largest garden show in Germany. At the self-supporting wooden pavilion, LignoLoc wood nails play a "binding" role.

The breathtaking wooden pavilion stretches like a roof 30 meters over the summer island of the BUGA 2019 and represents an architectural masterpiece of digital timber construction. The shell construction was entirely digitally planned and consists of 376 tailor-made individual segments, which were manufactured exclusively by robots. At the BUGA the segments were assembled like a 3-dimensional puzzle to a pavilion with 30 meters span in just 10 days.

More shape with less material
As it is often the case with architectural masterpieces, nature is the model also for this lightweight construction project. Thus, the self-supporting construction was modeled on the plate skeleton of the sea urchin. In order to keep the basis weight low, the individual segments were made hollow. They are composed of two panels glued to a wooden frame.

Layer protection with LignoLoc wooden nails
In order to avoid downtime in robot production LignoLoc wooden nails were shot in addition to the adhesive. The wooden nails fixed the molded parts until the adhesive hardened. 18,000 pieces of beech wooden nails were processed by a robotic arm in the design without unduly affecting the basis weight. Even in the subsequent high-precision milling of the segments, the nails could be processed without problems.

The resulting lightweight construction segments were connected with each other by box joints and functions as a form active supporting frame which also convinces aesthetically.

Until October 6th the wooden pavilion and the fiber pavilion – another project of the Uninversity of Stuttgart – can be admired at the BUGA 2019. Thereafter, the structure can be dismantled without damage and re-installed elsewhere.

Wooden nail firing 2.0: Market launch of the updated LignoLoc® F44 system

With the LignoLoc® F44 system, the BECK Fastener Group introduced the first collated wooden nail onto the market in 2017. The next generation, the LignoLoc® F44 System 2.0, will be available from May 2019. Many customer wishes have been implemented in this new edition, making wooden nail processing with a pneumatic nailer even easier. BECK is offering cost-effective upgrade options to existing customers of the F44 system.

With development of the first collated nail made of wood, the BECK Fastener Group proved that, even with a product as traditional as the nail, the opportunities for innovation are nowhere near exhausted.

LignoLoc wooden nails provide completely new approaches to fastening. Creative thinking is definitely permitted here. However, continuous further development of the product range is even more important. And this is a matter of course for BECK, as the new edition of the LignoLoc F44 system in May 2019 clearly shows.

“We take customers’ opinions very seriously,” explains CEO Christian Beck. ”Particularly in the case of radical innovations such as LignoLoc, it is our obligation to gather and implement market feedback. Only this way can we further refine the new fastening methods and supply pure wood joints for even more application areas,” the Managing Director of the long-established company emphasises.

Fine tuning for better handling

While the LignoLoc wooden nail system was in a class of its own from the very beginning thanks to its uniqueness, the BECK development team has achieved a masterly finishing touch with the new F44 System 2.0. The F44 2.0 pneumatic nailer impresses with its improved handling and simpler maintenance. In addition, nail guidance, depth setting and driving accuracy have all been optimised.

The LignoLoc wooden nails of the F44 System 2.0 have also had a facelift: The plastic band on the new F44 nails has been placed further down. This means that the nails are seated more firmly in the collation, which has a positive effect on both processing and transportation of nails. As with its predecessor, the new F44 System 2.0 is suitable for LignoLoc nails with a diameter of 3.7 mm, and it will be available on the market from 1 May.

Cost-effective upgrade options

BECK will be producing and supplying LignoLoc nails suitable for the existing F44 System 1.0 until the end of July 2019, thereby enabling a smooth and gradual transition. Furthermore, existing customers already have cost-effective options to upgrade their F44 1.0 tools. The LignoLoc Retrofit Kit allows them to perform the conversion themselves.

You can obtain further information from your LignoLoc dealer or directly from the BECK Fastener Group on service number +43 7724 2111-671 and via email address

BECK LignoLoc® wooden nails honored with the AIT-Innovation Award 2019

From 14 to 19 January 2019, the BECK Fastener Group from Mauerkirchen presented their innovative fastening solutions for roof and timber construction to the international audience of the world's leading trade fair BAU in Munich. Once again, the LignoLoc® wooden nail system was awarded; this time with the innovation award for architecture + construction (AIT).

„We were thrilled with the idea of making the nails out of wood and thus combining a material with its same," says juror Muck Petzet, explaining the jury's decision to honor the pneumatically driven beech wood nails as part of the AIT Innovation Award. The voting architects regarded LignoLoc® as "a real innovation", which is why the wooden nail was able to convince once again among 93 submitted products.

At their boot the BECK Fastener Group presented also a foresight: the prototype of the LignoLoc® insulation nail, the first nail made of wood for fastening wood fiber insulating materials. It is expected to be available on the market in 2020.

Increased efficiency with a system

The BECK special solutions for roof and timber construction were received with great interest - for example, the BECK RoofLoc® SCRAIL® system for safe and efficient trapezoidal sheet metal installation and the BECK roof hook system for easy fastening of slates or solar tiles at the push of a button. The BECK systems have one thing in common - time-consuming work can be done in a fraction of the conventional working time. The trick behind it: The fasteners are set quickly and easily by means of a pneumatic tool, thus avoiding long screwing or hammering. The visitors got the possibility to convince themselves by direct testing of these fastening solutions at the BECK booth.

Planting trees against the climate change

The fact that BECK is taking responsibility for environmental protection with LignoLoc® is also reflected in the cooperation with "Plant-for-the-Planet". The organization is planting trees to reduce global CO2 emissions. BECK supports this commitment with a tree donation for each visitor's business card which was pinned at the display tree of Plant-for-the-Planet at the BAU 2019. More than 200 visitors took advantage of this opportunity to react against the climate change.


Market launch of the BECK LignoLoc® F60 system

On 1 December 2018, the BECK Fastener Group from Austria will make the market launch of the further development of the award-winning LignoLoc® wood nail system. The new F60 system offers larger dimensions, better pull-out and shear values and more possibilities for ecological timber construction.

One year after the market launch of LignoLoc®, the first collated wooden nail, BECK presents the further development of the innovation product. The system consists of the F60 LignoLoc® pneumatic nailer and beech wood nails with a length of 45 to 90 mm in diameters of 4.7 and 5.3 mm.

Especially the ecological wooden house construction benefits from the new dimensions due to new metal-free fastening options, for example for prefabrication of the laminated timber ceilings or in the production of solid wood wall systems.

Please find here the complete presskit with pictures.

Picture: The LignoLoc® F60 system offers new metal-free fastening options in timber house construction. Copyright: BECK Fastener Group


BECK LignoLoc® wins Pro Tool Innovation Award 2018

LignoLoc® - the collated wooden nail – could win the Pro Tool Innovation Award (PTIA) which is already the second product price in North America this year. Both the BECK Fastener Group from Austria as the manufacturer and FASCO America as the US distributor are pleased to receive another award for the wooden nail system.

The jury of the PTIA-Award is convinced of the innovative power of the LignoLoc® system and named the wood nail one of the winners in the category "Speciality Fasteners".
"It is the perfect solution for pure wood connections," is the conclusion of the voting craftsmen about the sustainable system. They especially praised the processing without pre-drilling with a pneumatic nailer, the excellent holding power of the wooden nails due to lignin welding and their corrosion resistance.

The Pro Tool Innovation Awards are an annual program to recognize innovation in the tools, accessories, and fasteners used in the residential and commercial construction industries and related fields. The goal of the PTIA is to recognize and award manufacturers for releasing tools that are going to change the way we work in the residential and commercial construction industry. These products must stand out in the crowded market of power tools, hand tools, accessories, and even fasteners. A Pro Tool Innovation Award winner will either offer more features, or be more ergonomic, stronger, lighter, faster, longer-lasting, or a better value than the competition.

For information on the Pro Innovation Tool Award 2018 visit


BECK LignoLoc® wins IWF Challengers Award 2018 in Atlanta

LignoLoc® - Collated Wooden Nails has now won a product award for the first time in the USA – the Challengers Award 2018 of the International Woodworking Fair 2018 in Atlanta.

The Winners of the 2018 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award were announced Aug. 22 during the International Woodworking Fair.  The Challengers Award promotes the development of innovative new technology in woodworking machinery, supplies, and services for the furniture, kitchen cabinets, architectural woodwork, store fixture, upholstery, or specialty and general wood product industries.

Beginning with 76 entries, a panel of 10 judges representing all facets of the woodworking industries, whittled the list to 23 finalists, before making their final judging on Tuesday, Aug. 21.
The award ceremony took place directly at the booths of the winners.

For information on the Challengers Award visit and


Green Product Award 2018 for BECK LignoLoc® Wooden Nail System

LignoLoc® - Collated Wooden Nail System made it into the list of Green Product Award Winner 2018. Since 2013, the international award has presented innovative, sustainable design products for sustainable consumption in 14 categories.

The Green Product Award is an international prize for innovative, sustainable products & services awarded every year. Contestants for this award are established companies and start-ups worldwide. The focus of this institution is networking with designers, producers and experts, as well as presenting unusual ecological solutions for different environmental problems. The Green Network provides a platform to transfer knowledge between individual entrepreneurs and helps them to develop, introduce and market their products and services. The award has been granted since 2013 and has already received applications from over 40 different countries around the world.

In 2018, a total of 400 manufacturers and designers from 25 countries participated. The members of the jury discussed the distinction of the LignoLoc® wood nail in the areas of design, innovation and sustainability for a long time. Finally, they decided that the BECK LignoLoc ® deserves the first prize in the Freestyle category: a category created to transcend the boundaries of application areas and create an area for disruptive innovation.

In the middle of July, the public voting begins. Everyone can participate and can choose his/her own winner from the approx. 100 products of the Selection on for a period of six weeks. The award ceremony takes place in October.


BECK LignoLoc® Wooden Nail System - Winner of materialPREIS 2018

On Tuesday 5 June 2018, our wooden nail system was honoured with the “materialPREIS 2018” in the “Innovations” category.

Six jury members tested the functionality of the LignoLoc® wooden nails for themselves in the jury meeting, before awarding the system first place. Our Head of the Research & Development department, Stefan Siemers, accepted the award on behalf of the BECK team. The prize-giving and presentation ceremony took place during the “materialANSICHTEN” opening event at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart.

A total of 31 materials and their manufacturers from the world of industry, trades and design were honoured with the materialPREIS 2018 – the award for special materials.

The winners in the Innovation category are:

1st place: BECK LignoLoc® from Raimund Beck, Mauerkirchen, Austria

2nd place: Paprfloor from Print-Concept-Roeber, Willich, Germany

3rd place: Transproof from Ettlin Spinnerei und Weberei, Ettlingen, Germany

Byggmesteren 0318: Her kommer trespikeren

Her kommer trespikeren: Here comes the wooden Nail

"I think that's amazing!", says Toralf Pedersen, carpenter and chairman of Norgeshus KV Bygg Suldal, about the functionality of the LignoLoc® wooden nail system. The construction company is Norway's first company that uses LignoLoc® wooden nails in a major project - the new public swimming pool in Suldal Sand i Ryfylke.

A total of eight kilometers of interior wood panels are installed in the new indoor pool for better sound insulation. Chlorine and extreme humidity cause the extreme air conditions of corrosion class C5. Screws with this corrosion protection are very expensive and so LignoLoc® wooden nails were processed in parallel, which defy the corrosion. "As a carpenter, we found that exciting," was the conclusion of the construction manager Morton Jelas. "The price is not deterrent and it seems to be a good alternative to screws".

You can read the full article and the experiences of the carpenters with the Lignoloc® wooden nail in Suldal in the March issue of the Byggmesteren magazine. Click here for the Norwegian original article.

BECK LignoLoc® wins Innovation Award "Biocomposite of the Year 2017"

On December 7, the BECK Fastener Group's LignoLoc® wood nail system was honoured with the innovation award at the Biocomposites conference in Cologne for the outstanding use of natural and wood fiber composites.

The 230 participants of the "Biocomposites Conference Cologne (BCC)", the world's largest conference for natural and wood fiber composites, selected three winners from six final nominated companies. LignoLoc®, the world's first pneumatically driven wooden nails, took the second place. The nails are mainly made of local beech wood. In order to process the nails with the LignoLoc® pneumatic nailer, the wood was compressed and a small amount of resin was added.

First place was awarded to GreenBente24, a boat made from 80% renewable resources from GreenBoats (DE). The third place went to the world's first pedestrian bridge made of bio-based composite material, developed by the Eindhoven University of Technology (NL).

The "Biocomposite of the Year" Innovation Award honors biocomposites, which were launched in 2017 or are about to be introduced to the market. The BCC conference and award ceremony are organized and held by the nova-Institute for Ecology and Innovation. In 2017, the conference took place for the seventh time.

Please see more information about the event and the award ceremony on the website of the organizers at

LignoLoc® honored at the LIGNA Innovation-Symposium 2017

The BECK Fastener Group is honored to have received one of the three awards for industry innovation at this year’s LIGNA Innovation Symposium for LignoLoc®. Among all presented product innovations the collated wooden nails reached the third place of the most important innovations of the LIGNA 2017 exhibition - even before the official launch in the market which is planned in the second half of this year.

Each presented innovation was examined by professors from the Faculty of Wood Technology at the University of Rosenheim for their innovation strength and were presented on May 24 to about 130 members of the symposium. The members were constituted of expert visitors and formed the jury, which decided on their three "front runners".

Exhibits were presented for the production of furniture, construction elements (windows, doors, flooring) and prefabricated houses in the segments of mechanical manufacturing and surface technology, as well as assembly, handling and logistics.

At this Symposium innovations are presented, which represent a novelty in the sense of the industry and are not in the market for more than two years. The innovation presentations are based on extensive research by the organizers. These are the Holz-Zentralblatt, which is published in the DRW-Publisher Weinbrenner GmbH & Co. KG, as well as the wood and plastic processing, University of Rosenheim and SCHULER Consulting GmbH for the international wood and furniture industry.

For more information on the LIGNA Innovation Symposium 2017, please visit the website of the organizers

A successful start to the 2017 trade fair year with LignoLoc®

The BECK Fastener Group gave visitors to BAU 2017 in Munich the opportunity to test LignoLoc® wooden nails for the first time – before the official market launch.

The BECK Fastener Group has made a successful start to the 2017 trade fair year with its appearance at BAU 2017. Above all, LignoLoc® – the first ever collated wooden nail – attracted many trade visitors to the exhibition stand. The new products RoofLoc SCRAIL® and SubLoc PRO SCRAIL® were also tested enthusiastically on site.

The BAU trade fair in Munich is the leading trade fair for building materials and systems and is a platform for users and decision makers. The BECK Fastener Group uses the trade fair held every two years as a vital forum for product feedback and inspiration for new fastening solutions.

The BECK Fastener Group also registered a great deal of media interest on its information stand at the LIGNA Preview in Hanover in February. As a prelude to LIGNA 2017, the world's leading trade fair for woodworking and timber processing, thirty exhibiting companies came face to face with trade press journalists at the LIGNA Preview.

In an exclusive setting, the companies presented their new products and solutions for 2017. In particular, BECK LignoLoc® wooden nails attracted the attention of the journalists and editors in attendance. The first press reviews have already been published in the international trade press.


BECK is a family business founded in 1904, and has been one of the world's leading companies in fastening technology for over 80 years.

Whether it be developments in response to customer requirements or to keep ahead of the market – innovation is the driving force behind BECK. The company's inhouse
R&D team searches tirelessly for new solutions to provide BECK customers with greater user comfort and cost-effectiveness.

BECK is now a globally active, owner-managed company with sites in Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland and the USA.



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