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LignoLoc® – collated nails made of wood

With the F44AC LIGNOLOC pneumatic nailer customized for LignoLoc® wooden nails, the BECK Fastener Group provides an innovative system that allows you to do your work faster and more ecologically .

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Cross-laminated timber production

LignoLoc® wooden nails can be used in various ways
in the production of multilayer solid wooden boards.
Depending on the manufacturing process, they are used for fixing the layers temporarily or as a replacement for
aluminium nails and wooden dowels, or else they give
rise to completely new processing methods.

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LignoLoc® vs. wood dowels

Compared with wood dowels, LignoLoc wooden nails are installed much more quickly.

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Possibilities with LignoLoc®

LignoLoc® wooden nails are also perfectly
suitable for driving into materials such
as OSB, chipboard, MDF, plywood
and gypsum fiberboard.

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Loading the magazine of the
F44 LignoLoc® tool

This video shows how LignoLoc® are
placed correctly in the magazine.

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Metal-free furniture production
with LignoLoc®

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Corner connections with LignoLoc®

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Interior Wall Cladding with reclaimed wood.

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LignoLoc® welding process

When LignoLoc® wooden nails are driven into solid construction timber
with the FASCO LignoLoc® pneumatic nailer, they form
an inseparable bond with the timber.

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Mechanical processing

Driven nails can be processed with all kind of woodworking machinery without damaging the blades.

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Holding power

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Fast and simple floor
installation with LignoLoc®

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Edge distances specified in
Eurocode EC5

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The BECK Fastener Group introduce itselfs

At the BAU 2017 exhibition the BECK Fastener Group
presented the pioneering LignoLoc® System
for the first time. This premiere offered the ideal
location for a new BECK information film which
shows the BECK product highlights for 2017 in summary.