An important part of the BECK mission statement: Partnership. Cooperative partnership within the industry, with customers and business partners as well as research institutions and training centers influence our relationships.

As a pioneer and innovative problem solver in the field of fastening technology, we have always seen ourselves as a partner to the timber construction industry. Together for and with this industry, creating innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions is what drives us.

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A strong partnership - Since November 2020, BECK is a new performance partner of Wood Works Germany

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ISANTA is an international organization of premier power fastening companies involved in the design, manufacturing, and sales of pneumatic and cordless power tools and the fasteners they drive.

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The VBT - Association of Connection and Fastening Technology - has the task of coordinating, protecting and promoting the interests of its members in economic and technical areas.

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The VDNR is the voluntary association of companies that manufacture insulation materials from renewable raw materials and stating its position on substainability issues.

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